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H5N1 Virus Confirmed in Human Case in Cambodia

Updated: Mar 6

  • 11-year-old girl dead

  • Possible human to human transmission

Handwashing with viruses in the background
Handwashing with viruses in the background

Credit: CDC

The H5N1 virus, an avian flu, has been confirmed in a human case where a young girl has died from the disease. Her father was also symptomatic for the disease, and it has been confirmed that he has also confirmed to be positive for H5N1. Eleven other individuals in this local area are also symptomatic, as there is growing concern for possible human to human transmission, although this has not been confirmed. The World Health Organization along with the Cambodian government are monitoring the situation.

In recent weeks, the virus has been found in mammals around the world, including sea lions, and proliferating in mink farms. There has been growing concern for new mutations in the strain, as spread in mammals, and specifically minks, can support the development of new mutations. More to come.

Source: Reuters

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